Beet Speak is a video game for your PC or Mac which uses a Modular Synthesizer as the input device.

The gameplay is similar to rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band Drums where the game presents a drum beat except in Beet Speak the tempo is controlled by your hardware synth and you have to send gates and triggers at the right time.

To communicate with your computer I have developed the Beet Speak module which converts hardware triggers into button presses


Current Hardware Prototype

Runs off USB power so you can have it as a standalone or mount it in your Eurorack case

Dr. Beet

Dr. Beet

Goals of the game

  1. To teach people the basics of rhythm generation in modular
  2. To make tutorial levels for individual modules
  3. To expose modular musicians to more rhythm theory


How can I get the game?

The game is still in it's early stages. To get an email when the game is available you can sign up for the mailing list here...

I make modules, how can I get my modules in the game?

I can add your modules to the list of solutions for a given level. Additionally if your module has unique functionality I can make special levels which feature your modules.

If you make a clock divider for example I can list it as a possible tool for every level which requires clock division.

If you make a beat sequencer with lots of cool features I can build a whole set of levels designed to teach people how to use all the features of your module. This will help your existing users to get the most out of the module and help new people discover your module by showing off all the cool tricks it can do. 

Are you making digital versions of my hardware?

Nope, a player still needs to buy your module in order to play the game, the representations of your modules in the game are just pictures with patch notes

Which Synths do you support?

The hardware will accept any trigger between 3-25 volts which means Eurorack, Buchla, 5U, and most semimodular drum sequencers should work. I will try and offer different input connections like 1/2" and Banana Jacks but the prototype is built with 1/4" cables because I have a Eurorack.

Can I use MIDI or an ES-8 instead of the Beet Speak hardware?

Not yet.

Can I use VCV Rack, Softube, or Reaktor Blocks instead of a hardware synth

Not yet.

Dr. Beet making beats

Dr. Beet making beats